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  1. Vinings Personal Trainer

    Vinings Personal Trainer Elmore McConnell “The Body Transformation Expert” Tells the Truth about how to measure your success when you begin a exercise and nutrition program. He is one of Atlanta’s Premier Personal Trainers. I’ve been Personal Training in the Vinings and Smyrna Area for over…Read More

  2. Get Ripped Diet

    Atlanta’s Body Transformation Expert Shares one of the most amazing Ripped Diet plans in the fitness industry if you want to change your body, burn lots of fat and keep all of that muscle you have worked hard to get this is the plan for you. Go Ahead Get Ripped! Yours Free Click on Pictures Below…Read More

  3. Quick Workout Atlanta Ga Call Today 404-798-1324

    Quick Workout Atlanta Ga

      One this I love and that’s Express workouts! With my Track and Field background with you can handle the Intense Pace they we will have tons of fun. I’ve had clients burn over 800 calories during a session. This workouts come in 15, 20, 30 and 45 minute form and it is based off your needs and…Read More

  4. Type 2 Diabetes Buckhead Personal Trainer in Atlanta

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  5. Type 1 Diabetes and Exercise Atlanta Personal Trainer shares Results Edit

    My name is Elmore McConnell Personal Trainer in Atlanta, I specialized in Body Transformations and working with people from the special populations category that deals with but are not limited to, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Stroke or Heart Attack Victims, Breast Cancer and oth…Read More

  6. Atlanta Personal Trainer Gives Free Tips and Advice Elmore McConnell

    Atlanta Personal Trainer Give Free Advice and Tips. This is the same plan that has helped over over 35 of my past and present Doctor clients drop a combine weight of 1250 Pounds together. Yes Weight lose goals are my Trophies and fitness was my first choice profession out of college at Mississippi …Read More

  7. Weight Loss Foods

    Weight Loss foods are the most important list you can ever have because cooking healthy is not enough. You must know what foods are healthy for weight loss. So not only must you cook healthy but you must cook the right foods the right way meaning with our grease, sauces and tons of butter and seaso…Read More

  8. How to get a Bigger Butt Part

    For a nicer butt do squats not shots. Ladies love yourself first because having a bigger butt will not make you happy on the inside. But if you must and want a bigger butt please check out these exercises and check back for volume 2. If you want a Bigger Butt do each exercise 8-20 reps and make sur…Read More

  9. Fast Weight Loss

    Happy New Year’s Part 2.0, Well it’s not Fall yet, but it’s Late July and September is The Fitness Industry’s Second New Year Fast Weight Loss Why? Because in a few weeks the Vacations are over and it’s time to stop using kids, summer vacations and pool parties to ditch your workouts. Fun …Read More

  10. No matter where you go to do it, do it now. We Train Atlanta Personal Trainers

    Fat Loss

    Let’s Be Truthful Here Which ONE IS HOTTER Which One Looks and Feels Younger Which one looks like somebody’s Mother and Which One Looks like a Hot Daughter If Fat Loss is your goal follow this blog by, “The Body Transformation Expert” Elmore McConnell he will tell you that weight loss is al…Read More