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    Quick Workout Atlanta Ga

      One this I love and that’s Express workouts! With my Track and Field background with you can handle the Intense Pace they we will have tons of fun. I’ve had clients burn over 800 calories during a session. This workouts come in 15, 20, 30 and 45 minute form and it is based off your needs and…Read More

  2. Weight Loss Foods

    Weight Loss foods are the most important list you can ever have because cooking healthy is not enough. You must know what foods are healthy for weight loss. So not only must you cook healthy but you must cook the right foods the right way meaning with our grease, sauces and tons of butter and seaso…Read More

  3. Weight Loss Plans

    Jump start weight loss you never want to start working out before you can start with a trainer. Morgan started without a trainer and only lost 7 pounds alone. Then she started training with Atlanta Personal Trainer Elmore McConnell and went on to drop 25 pounds of fat. Atlanta Personal Trainer say…Read More

  4. Fast Weight Loss

    Happy New Year’s Part 2.0, Well it’s not Fall yet, but it’s Late July and September is The Fitness Industry’s Second New Year Fast Weight Loss Why? Because in a few weeks the Vacations are over and it’s time to stop using kids, summer vacations and pool parties to ditch your workouts. Fun …Read More