Elmore considers himself more than just a personal trainer but The Body Transformation Expert. With a background in weight loss, body sculpting, athletic performance enhancement and physical therapy, he has the track record that attest that he can get you the results you’ve been looking for. Elmore has been featured on two of the top online Health Fitness sites (Ehow and LiveStrong.com). Our Clients become our Friends and we treat them like Family because “Your Goals Become our Goals” and that’s how our Win-Win Relationships work this is a Partnership and Team Work will Make the Dream Work! Contact us today 404-798-1324.

Elmore not only have the passion for transforming bodies but he has the certifications to back it up. He received an Exercise Science degree from Mississippi State University and has developed weight loss, muscle, and strength training programs for clients with physical and medical limitations such as the following: Type I and II diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, knee and hip replacements, shoulder and back Injuries, bulging, herniated disks, polycystic kidneys, fibromyalgia, arthritis, ACL and LCL Injuries. Elmore has effectively trained over 25 doctors in weight loss, as well as increased clients’ awareness through health and lifestyle management education. His certifications include AFAA, ISSA, ACE, NASM, CSCS and ACSM.


Originally from the Atlanta, David’s yoga trek began in the free community yoga classes offered in and around Buckhead. From his first yoga experience, he felt as though the tumblers of a lock had finally clicked into place and he knew that Yoga had forever changed the trajectory of his life. Diving in with both feet, David was soon practicing Yoga on a daily basis in Buckhead. And before long, he opted for a Vegan lifestyle. After years of practice, David completed his 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in Atlanta in 2013.

David’s passion for yoga stems from the perception that there is always another asana to implement or variation to pose. He simply believes that each Yogi evolves incrementally with each practice. He strives to bring this enthusiasm for method to the students of his classes regardless of level or ability. Whenever David is off the mat, he is working constantly perfecting his craft.


Being one of the top Female Personal Trainers in Buckhead I focus on a combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training that will allow you to keep burning calories for hours after your workout. I believe fitness is a lifestyle not a hobby; and being active regularly helps you look better, feel better, and improves your overall quality of life. I was certified in 2011 by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)


I specialize in body sculpting, nutrition planning, and strength and conditioning. I believe women shouldn’t be afraid of weights and I teach them how to lift and sculpt the bodies they desire. I know how to get results and transform bodies. I’ll tone up your legs, plump your booty and sculpt your back… all while making you laugh and sweat! I got my Certification in 2014 through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) We Train Atlanta brought me on to fill the void because there are not many Female Personal Trainers in Atlanta.