Atlanta has a great Trainer in Elmore McConnell. I’ve tried working out on my own and asking other people in the gym about exercise and even buy books and magazines but when I met Elmore all the things that I thought I knew was tossed out of the window. Elmore is the super because he has a degree in what other people have a certification in, just incase your slow the Degree is Better than the Cert. What it took me 6 months to learn and accomplish it only took Elmore 3 Months. Long lasting results.

After dropping all the fat my program now consist of exercise to help me to be more mobile, flexible and athletic. I never played sports in high school but with all the training and drills that I ask for I’m getting exactly what I wanted. The body of Reggie Bush if that’s possible. You can also check me out in some of his workout videos on Youtube. Why train with We Train Atlanta Personal Training well if you train with anybody else you’re just gambling and taking a risk. With Elmore’s recorded of getting results client after client it was a no brainer for me. Results is what I’m getting how about you?

*Individual Results May Vary