Father of 3, Age 69 – I Lost 65 Pounds!

I’m currently 69 years old and Elmore Saved my life. I lost 65 pounds. In 2006 I was Diabetes Type II and I had High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. While setting in the Hospital Wellness Center Elmore Looked me in my eyes and asked, “How do I want to finish this race called life?” Do you want finish strong increasing my quality of life or just fade away with strokes, bypass surgeries and back injuries left and right. He pointed up stairs where the Bounce back program was where Heart attack and Stroke Patients come to do Cardiac Rehab and then he pointed to the Senior Citizen home and asked do I want to live the rest of my life hopeless depending on others to feed and dress me. The next question he asked was, “Would I want somebody else to raise my kids or my wife to remarry?” After 12 months he exceeded my goal by 17 pounds and my doctor has completely taken me off of the Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Medicines.