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I tried working out and dieting alone on and off for the past few years but my lack of motivationand dieting alone on and off for the past few years but my lack of motivation and sweet tooth always set me back in my weight loss goals. After months of baggy clothing, sweatshirts, and post college weight gain, I finally decided to get serious and hired Elmore as my personal trainer.

The past few months I’ve been training with Elmore have been nothing less than incredible. His support, dedication, and kick a s s workouts have not only helped me achieve my weight goals, but I feel so confident and healthy. What I love most from Elmore is that I can tell him about my good workout/eating days and also my bad workout/eating days (because Lord knows we have cheating days or skip a home workout). He is always right there to encourage me and personalize my workouts and eating plans so that it works for ME. What I thought would just be 10lbs off has now turned into a healthier decision making lifestyle (but the 10lbs off didn’t hurt either!)

What do you want in a trainer? RESULTS, MOTIVATION, and a KNOWLEDGABLE, PROFESSIONAL TRAINER. Elmore has all these qualities and more. Elmore is well educated in health fitness and body muscles, tailors each session to his clients, and is an overall genuine person. I would recommend him to anyone.

*Individual Results May Vary

Christine S. Nurse