I Dropped about 30 pounds with her previous trainer Erica who was already a client of Elmore’s… Yes Trainers need Trainers too! Anita drop the last hard to lose 8 pounds of fat and finally got the sculpted body she was looking for..I remember going through the Air Port and getting patted down and TSA was like you got ABs and I was like Thanks Elmore. I’ve tried CrossFit, Abs classes, running and a few bootcamps but when I started training with Elmore of We Train Atlanta I knew he was the Real Deal! He help motivate and change me from the inside out. You can even see some of the workouts that I did with him on Youtube he pushes you to be the best you can be day after day! I’ve trained with Elmore in Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta for over 4 months. If you push off booking Elmore as your Trainer you will be kicking yourself in the butt for the next year because he stays busy.

*Individual Results May Vary

ANITA - 37