Atlanta Women are you Ready to Crush It
this Spring in the gym so you can make this the Hottest Summer Ever?

I bet you’re saying hey what happen to getting ready for Spring Break well news flash it’s already that time of year Good News is you can get ready for summer.

Well the New Year’s Gym rush is over and it’s been a hot winter, which means it will be an even hotter summer. Are you ready to expose that Sexy body of yours?

This summer will force some people to cover up with Dark colored Blouses and Dresses that are not heat friendly.

People who have Fit and Curvaceous Bodies will be wearing a lot less and do you blame them. If you have it Flaunt it.

Ladies tell your Atlanta Personal Trainer or Boot Camp Instructor what you really want. Heck you are paying for it. Order up! I want to look better Naked! I want to burn Fat! I want My Before Baby Body Back! I always tell the Women in my Boot Camps, “Life will only give you what you ask of it, Nothing More and Nothing Less”

Ladies and Women of Atlanta do more than just the minimum and make a decision to start something today. Any step forward is a step in the right direction.

Don’t just start walking, join a gym!
Don’t just join a Gym Attend Classes!
Don’t just Attend Classes Get a workout partner!

When you start in the middle or at the median you will have more success but when you start at the bottom there is no second bottom to catch you when you fall.


Powerful Tips to Getting Started and Making it Stick
1. Make a Choice to either join an Atlanta Gym, Atlanta Boot Camp or Atlanta Personal Trainer

2. Write down your Measurements and Weight, Those numbers are the home address in your GPS, in order to reach your destination you have to know your Starting Point, Because it will motivate you in the months to come.

3. Write down your 6 month goal; Be very Specific I want to Lose 60lbs, that’s 10 pounds per month. Your question to yourself should be how?

4. Then write down weekly times that you’re going to workout in other words, plan the day before you workout. That way when things pop up unexpectedly you will have already made time to workout.

5. Last but not Least as I always tell my Atlanta Women and Ladies in my BootCamps if you don’t take care of yourself first you can’t take care of anybody else. Make the time to better your Health and Personal Fitness. Put Yourself First for a Change.

6. One More if you need help Just Ask! Ask you local Trainer, Gym employee or me Elmore McConnell Atlanta’s Top Personal Trainer!

Any Question you have about Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition please submit it to for our question of the week section!