Happy New Year’s Part 2.0, Well it’s not Fall yet, but it’s Late July and September is The Fitness Industry’s Second New Year

Fast Weight Loss Why? Because in a few weeks the Vacations are over and it’s time to stop using kids, summer vacations and pool parties to ditch your workouts. Fun I know and with the arrival of our first baby girl in August we will soon… Wait Wait We will Still get our workouts in..

New Years has passed and so have your New Year Resolutions of having a New Body.. Which has come and gone.. Now are you 5 or 15 pounds heavier than last year?

Luckily you get a second CHANCE for a Fast Weight Loss.. Yes a second Chance at New Years after all the summer vacations are over and all the kids are back in school, Moms and Dads in and around Atlanta will return back to their Regularly scheduled Programs. For some that means workouts and for some that means putting off until 2013, 2015 and 20NEVER New Years to Start Working towards your Fitness Goals…. Do you see the Cycle Yet? Last Year you said This Year and This Year you Said Next… The Next Year May Never Come!

Personal Trainer in Atlanta who works with the most difficult weight loss clients shares his secrets on how he has help thousands of weight loss and fat loss clients lose pound after pound.Fast Weight Loss tips that will help you.

1. Modifcations: make sure you modify any program to fit your needs. Ask yourself how can I make this easy for myself.

2. Water making sure you drink at least 80 ounces of water per day.

3. Eat Small meals through out the day. Combination of small meals and snacks.

4.Making sure you eat Breakfast in the morning as soon as you wake up eat. The sooner the better. You don’t

5. Count your Calories! Calories in – Calories out = Weight Loss Success

6. Portion Control making sure you don’t over eat. Buying Plate Dividers in order to make sure you have the right portion of food.

Take Action and Copy these simple tips and Challenge yourself and others. Don’t waste another day in regret wishing you would have started this sooner. Putting off is for Losers! Start your walk towards a new you today because tomorrow never comes to those who waits but to those who take charge and write their own future and destiny in Fitness.

Please call Elmore McConnell of We Train Atlanta 404-798-1324 or visit http://www.atlanta-personaltraining.com/blog for tips 7-30 and more information on weight loss, muscle tone, other exercises and workouts for 6 Pack Abs.