Vinings Personal Trainer Elmore McConnell “The Body Transformation Expert” Tells the Truth about how to measure your success when you begin a exercise and nutrition program. He is one of Atlanta’s Premier Personal Trainers.

I’ve been Personal Training in the Vinings and Smyrna Area for over 5 years. I’ve learned that I like driving to my clients house from our location in Atlanta. In this article I wanted to personally address some common problems that my In-Home Personal Training Clients Shared.

To my Vinings and Smyrna Personal Training Clients Over the years How much Power have you given the this little contraption?
I’ve watch my mom and her mom and all of my aunts jump on day after day only to step off with their confidence broken and shattered. Why because of a number that didn’t equate to their hard work and sacrifices through out the week. Keep Reading because Vinings Personal Trainer Elmore McConnell is about to change the way you think about the Scale!

How long will you continue down the wrong way of weight loss?
How did we ever lose weight before a scale? Well we went by how our clothes fit. How we felt after a month of exercise and working out. We counted the increase of compliments from the opposite sex.

Body Transformation Expert Elmore McConnell empowers Clients
Body Transformation Expert Elmore McConnell empowers Clients

When it comes to true weight loss and happiness the Scale has no weight in a good program.

Why should you Smash Your Scale and not give it so much Power?
1. The break down 3,500 calories is 1 Pound of Fat.
2,500 calories is what it takes to gain 1 Pound of Muscle.

2. When you are working out and following a nutritional plan, the goals is to burn fat and gain muscle (I know what you think ladies “MUSCLES” that’s right Muscle because they burn “FAT”!)

Let me be clear here… FAT DOES NOTHING…It Lives on your body rent free, It Bulges out all poofy and puffy making that sexy dress burst at the seems and feel uncomfortable or even worst making it to you can’t wear sexy clothes anymore because they do not fit. Vinings Personal Training

1 Pound of Muscle burns 50 calories and 10 Pounds of Muscle “Ladies” spread throughout your body, arms, legs, back, butt, etc,. Will burn 500 at calories per day.

What’s 7 x 500 calories yes you are a Genius 3,500 calories burned at rest per week.


Back to the Scale issue…

The scale will not tell you how much muscle you have gain which is the reason you are feeling stronger from you new fitness program.

You can lose 10 pounds of Fat in a month and gain 2 Pounds of Muscle.

Do you think a scale that only spits out numbers will tell you if you have lost Fat or Gain Muscle during that month?

Guess What it will not it will only tell you how much Weight you Loss not if it was all from Fat or Muscle.

Weight Loss is about Fat not about Muscle!

How do we fix this problem?

From Vinings Personal Trainer Elmore McConnell,

“Here is the solution to one of the biggest issues you have. Use a body fat pinch test to calculate your Fat Lose not one of those hand held devices that those salesmen at the gym give you to measure your body fat. They are not accurate. Skin Fold test is the only convenient way if you can not do under water weighing or the BodPod.”

Skin Fold Measures the Fat on your body you can use a 3 point or 9 point the more sites you measure the more accurate it can be.

The Skin Fold/ Pinch Test will let you know how much muscle you have gained and how much fat you have burn and rather or not you should fire your Vinings personal trainer.

The last one you should use is the tape measure the same type that tailors use to make a custom suit or dress with, this will let you know where you are losing weight if it yours arms, legs, belly, thighs, butt etc,. Use all three but don’t give the scale so much power.

If the scales say you lost 8 Pounds and your Body Fat Measurement say you gained 2 Pounds of Lean Muscle then you should count as great months and a total fat loss of 10 Pounds from working out.

Ask Yourself is Muscle Really Bad? Or can it be a Good thing Better Sexy Thing?

Here is what 10 Pounds of Muscle looks like
Here is what 10 Pounds of Muscle looks like

Would Rather Keep Your Fat or Trade it for Muscle?
If this don’t make any sense to feel free to comment below and I will be glade to help you understand.

1 Pound of Fat on the Left and One Pound of Muscle on the Right!
1 Pound of Fat on the Left and One Pound of Muscle on the Right!