Jump start weight loss you never want to start working out before you can start with a trainer. Morgan started without a trainer and only lost 7 pounds alone. Then she started training with Atlanta Personal Trainer Elmore McConnell and went on to drop 25 pounds of fat.

Atlanta Personal Trainer say’s there is no big secret! I made Morgan come to the gym 6 days a week even if it was just to say hi and bye. I began to change the way Morgan thought about food and fitness. We worked out 3 days a week and she did cardio homework that I assigned the other 3 days.

Here is a typical day as far as working out for Morgan:

20 Minutes of Cardio to Start the Fat Burning dosen’t start until you are 20 minutes into exercise. Sorry Atlanta Personal Trainers!

After that Stretch and Prepare your mind and body for War (Exercise for some) icon biggrin Weight Loss Plans

Next the workout find 12 Exercises you can do with ease! Example can be setting down and standing up for starters. 10 Punches times 4, so you will be throwing 10 punches towards each wall which will total up to be 40 punches in all. Use you imagination for the rest of the exercises! When you are a top Personal Trainer in Atlanta you learn you have to always be ready with new exercises.

After that you want to write the 12 exercises down in groups of 4 which will give you 3 circuits to do. Here is the key pick to tough exercise and two easy ones. Or you can pick 3 medium and one easy! Now that you have your workouts written down. Do each one for 5 minutes and write down how many times you made it through each set. Every time you complete the group of four that’s called a set.

Once you complete the workout from group 1 for 5 minutes go to the next one, this will keep you from getting board. Make sure you go through this twice and that will make up a 30 minute workout for you.

Afterwards 25 minutes of cardio and stretch.